Often people are put off having this treatment because of what the title implies.   Unlike nail surgery performed by a surgeon (Nail wedge resection) our in rooms procedure is less invasive and has minimal post operative discomfort (if any at all).

A local anaesthetic is given at the base of the toe (this is the only uncomfortable part of the procedure), then using a unique equipment the offending part of the nail is removed, without making any cuts in the skin.  A chemical is used at the nail base which sterilises this small section of the nail to prevent it growing back (studies have show a 98% success rate using phenolization).

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There is very little if any pain after the anaesthetic has worn off.  The wound takes about 3 weeks to close over during which time the toe has to be kept dressed and dry.  Walking around and day to day activities can be started within 12hrs of the procedure.   Most people get back to sports within 1 week.

Benefits at a Glance:

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