Orthotics Sydney Foot and leg problems are very common in sports and it is frustrating when you have to take time off your favourite activity. 

ModPod Podiatry offers orthotics in Sydney, we have options for all types of footwear and activities. 

Commonly Treated Medical Conditions

Conditions that can commonly be treated with Orthotics include;  Achilles Tendinosis, Bunion, Callus, Corns, Children’s feet, Hallux Limitus, Rigidus, Hammer Toe, Heel PainKnee pain, Morton’s Neuroma, MetatarsalgiaPlantar Fasciitis, Running Injuries, Shin Splints, Sprained Ankle, Stress Fracture, Turf Toe and several other ailments.

Customised Treatment Strategies

Orthotics provide customised treatment strategies in order to reduce the symptoms of the underlying orthopedic conditions. They can help to reduce your pain as soon as possible. Therapy is chosen depending upon the condition to be treated and some treatment procedures may require strength and conditioning sessions to achieve complete rehabilitation.

Stress Fractures

Cracks in the bone (stress fractures) are very common at ModPod. A small crack can lead to severe pain in the foot due to the stress fracture. It becomes very hard for someone who is suffering from a stress fracture to be able to continue with weight-bearing activities. 

Tenderness and Swelling

Almost every kind of bone-related issue is expressed in the form of swelling and tenderness. It is indeed an indicator of a bone issue that needs to be addressed immediately. The primary goal any Orthotic when dealing with a stress fracture is to mechanically offload the fracture site in inorder for it to heal. 

General Healing Practices

Most of the fractures, cracks and bone issues need a reasonable healing period facilitated by non-exertion and rest. Some conditions would require abstaining from weight-bearing activities and heavy lifting. Bone issues are not just common in sportspersons. It is pretty common in non-athletes too. It is important for the patient to follow the instruction of the Orthotic expert to facilitate quick healing.

For most of the foot or feet related issue, it really matters as to how you put the weight of your body on your foot when you run or walk. To find out more about how orthotics work click here

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