Saying we have a “twisted ankle” is just another way to refer to an ankle sprain. This injury is sometimes also referred to as a “rolled ankle”. We twist our ankles when we stretch the ligaments that hold the joint together beyond their capacity. This usually happens after the ankle is forced to twist inward or outward in a forceful, sudden manner.

The initial symptoms of a twisted ankle include sharp pain, swelling around the ankle, and in some cases, bruising. Some people have also reported hearing a popping sound at the exact moment of the injury.


The initial treatment for a twisted ankle can be summarised using the mnemonic R.I.C.E. This technique consists of using simple methods in order to improve the initial symptoms caused by the injury.

The different components of the R.I.C.E are:

In addition to these techniques, some people add an extra element to R.I.C.E., turning it into P.R.I.C.E. This extra element is protection, and it can be tremendously helpful while recovering from a twisted ankle:

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