foot specialist People with diabetes face mostly problems with their feet. Well-rounded care of the feet can help stop the conditions that can cause harm. Due to diabetes, many changes occur in your body, and many times these changes can affect your feet too. It is very much necessary to take the advice of a good foot expert especially when you are suffering from any foot related problem. You should be aware of the potential risks and dangers caused by the changes and ways to prevent harm. Let’s read further…

Neuropathy: High level of Glucose in your blood can make your nerves weak. It can also cause vascular problems. Poor blood circulation and Nerve damage can cause pain, irritation or pain or loss of sensation in your feet. This situation is called Neuropathy. This means that they will not be able to feel the heat and cold, pain or extremes. Because of lack of sensation in their feet, diabetic patients can end up in putting themselves at risk.

Blood Flow: – Diabetes causes poor blood circulation in your body and sometimes making your blood vessels hard and narrow. In such scenarios, it weakens your immune system and it becomes difficult for wounds to heal faster. Even a small opening or crack, if left untreated, can cause a serious problem. Due to numbness, even a small pebble can cause an injury to your feet and you won’t feel anything.

High-Pressure Zones: – Diabetic patients often feel changes in the size and shape of their feet and toes. Your feet can grow weak due to High-Pressure Zones affecting your balance. Wearing ill-fitted shoes can cause many troubles to your feet including long-term injuries. This is the reason why diabetic footwears are custom-made to help reduce the effects created by these high-pressure zones. Without proper treatment and care, these injuries can trigger ulcers or permanent damage to your feet.

Skin: – Diabetes often causes dry skin, cracking and peeling. These conditions should be addressed immediately so that the skin remains soft and open. Excessive moist skin can cause infections. Many people with diabetes suffer from a breakdown, callouses or even ulcers. Proper treatment and care can only help to combat these kinds of situations.


Well, you can try these methods for taking care of your feet.

1. Once in a year, get a full foot exam- in the event that you have a past filled with foot issues.

2. Check your feet every day for a cut or break in the skin, color change, shape or sensation on your feet. Check with your foot expert if you notice anything.

3. Wear shoes and socks always, and keep your feet away from the extremities.

4. Wash your feet every day and saturate, ensure they dry deliberately and abstain from putting lotion between your toes.

5. Keeping your feet elevated for a few times each day helps to get proper blood circulation in your feet.

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